Beef N Bone Steakhouse

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Now THIS looks very promising: the Beef N Bone Steakhouse!

It’s going to open in a few weeks in the spot that used to be Griffin’s Village Inn – I’ve driven by a few times and wondered about that place, but it closed before I arrived in Great Falls.

Beef N Bone Steakhouse

The Beef N Bone website is already up and running, complete with (yuck) autoplay music (but at least it’s cool music – twangy spaghetti western type), and they’ve already got Facebook covered.

Menu looks pretty good – steak, salmon, chicken, duck, shrimp, burgers, etc.

I’m pretty optimistic – can’t wait to try it!

Beef N Bone sign goes up!



  1. The Griffin didn’t close before you arrived here…I celebrated my 20th anniversary in the Air Force there on October 15th, 2005. I don’t think it was open much longer after that though. It was a pretty nice restaurant.

  2. Whoa – thanks Todd. Dang…I drove by it a few times way back then but never saw any cars or activity, just sort of looked abandoned.

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