600 Months

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According to KRTV, Jason Shouse of Cascade County was sentenced to 600 months (50 years) in prison for sexual exploitation of children and production of child pornography.

Not sure why the Tribune is reporting that he was sentenced to only 12 years.




  1. I think this man was set up by a disgruntled ex girlfriend. None of the images were clear and the sd card was not confiscated as reported, it was turned in to the cops by his ex who said she found it in his house. She had framed a previous boyfriend as well and brags about how he is serving time for something he didn’t do because of her. He ended up pleading guilty because of threats, coersion and lies from the cops. The state had originally dropped the charges due to lack of evidence on that sd card, so I find it odd that the feds just magically found concrete evidence? The images on that sd card are NOT clear and do not identify Mr Shouse. He was set up by his ex, and it can’t even be proven that the sd card came from his house. Who looks in someone else’s drawer, sees an old sd card and says “hmmm…I think I will just see if there is any child porn on here?” I mean, really?? Too much is fishy in this case and he was not given a fair shot at defending himself. So before you jump on this bandwagon, it might be good if you research the evidence for yourself instead of blindly believing what is in the media.

  2. KB: I’m not questioning his innocence or guilt – I was just puzzled about the Trib article.

    Allison: understood – I was honestly just not sure which is correct. Happens to me too – when Osama bin Laden was killed, I told myself to be super-careful with the headline, but sure enough – I typed “Obama.” D’OH!

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