David On A Donkey!

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News-wise, Wednesday was a crazy day. Started with the evacuation of some buildings downtown – caused by (seriously) some scratch-n-sniff cards.

And the afternoon was turned upside-down with a fatal shooting in Fox Farm; lots of questions still to be answered.

But in between that craziness, there was a bright spot: I got to ride a donkey!

Yep – the annual “donkey basketball” fundraiser will be held in Cascade on Friday – we went a few years ago, and it was so fun.

So today, the donkeys paid a visit to KRTV, and I got to meet several of them, including Rebate, Interstate, and this fella that gave me a ride: Pee Wee!

David On A Donkey!

Some of the KR crew gathered to meet the donkeys!


My buddy Erin getting the feel for donkey basketball – she’ll be one of the players on the KRTV team on Friday night!



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