‘Stache Car

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I don’t understand the moustache meme. At all. I’ve seen it everywhere in recent months – on babies, in memes, all over Facebook, on Pikachu, on socks, everywhere.

But this car parked between Starbucks and Cafe Rio tonight takes the cake.


Can any of you explain the whole moustache craze?



  1. Not sure about car-stashes, but I wish I had my camera to snap a pic of an SUV at Albertsons with eyelashes on the headlights. My son asked why, and I told him that the owner was likely a woman. Later when I was getting ready to leave, I was proven right. Maybe the car-stash owner wants to announce that the owner is male?

  2. I wish we only had mustaches and eyelashes out here. On a few occasions, I’ve seen cars with a particular male body part hanging from the tow-hitch thingamajig. Every single time, my 12-year-old daughter has been with me and asked what it was. I just changed the topic. Oh, and every single time, the driver was way too old to think hanging that kind of thing from his car would be amusing.

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