Big Breakfast

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We ate a late breakfast on Saturday at the Missouri River Diner, near the intersection of 9th Street and River Drive.

It had been far too long since we’ve been there; if you’ve never been – or not in a while – add it to your To Do list.

Breakfast was BIG and delicious!

Breakfast at Missouri River Diner



  1. Years ago I worked for a Chief that loved that place…we would have at least one of our staff meetings a month over breakfast there. I haven’t been there in years though.

  2. Time to get back in there, Todd! And they still have some neat SAC and missile-themed letters of appreciation on the wall – you might recognize some names 🙂

  3. Definitely worth trying, Rhonda! In addition to good food, it’s got a really neat “old” diner quality about it, and seemed to also be quite clean. Take the hubby there this weekend!

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