1. . . . And even “checkbook” will become dated as more transactions are handled electronically. Even most places that accept checks, now scan them to read the checking account info off the check to turn the transaction into an electronic one.

  2. bonkrook – yep – I doubt that you have EVER used the word “pocketbook,” and rightly not.

    Ron – agreed – at some point, are we just going to use phrases such as “gas prices are really hitting people in the debit card”?

  3. David –
    Naw, in the future of things when we all have some type of mobile device, our monetary account will be an app. So a banking account could be called a B-App, or bapp.

    Near future: “In the news today, the price of gas is really hitting folks in their bapp”

    Or I seem to recall that in Star Wars 2, I think they had a reference to money as “Credits”.

    Far future: “In the news today, The price of fusion is rising for our hover-cars. Its really hitting folks in their credits”

  4. I use it pretty regularly. (For example, I recently sent my sister a text that said ‘My pocketbook feels significantly lighter :S’ after a recent trip to IKEA.) But I’ve been told that I tend to use extremely specific and sometimes outdated language.

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