Pretty World

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Let us take a few minutes to luxuriate in the sweet, mellow, hip sounds of Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66, courtesy of this hi-quality audio of “Pretty World.”

Some days, I know that 80s pop/New Wave is the best type of music. Other days, there is no doubt that classic soul/R&B/funk is top of the heap. And sometimes, nothing compares to the great swing/big band vocalists.

But on days like today, it is indisputable that bossa nova and other types of lounge/space-age pop are the absolute pinnacle of music.

And it’s so wonderful to know that he is still performing; if I lived in SoCal, this is one concert that I would gladly attend (and I absolutely hate concerts).




  1. Tom – great find! I like it – a bit trippy, but still chock full of samba/boss nova goodness. Sounds like it would be a great intro to some sort of movie, with a really long “intro scene” showing the characters going about their business.

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