RIP Roger

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Dammit. Roger Ebert died today.

His writing – well, perhaps it changed my life, in some ways. Until I began devouring his collected reviews in his massive books, movies were just…movies. Good, bad, fun, silly, scary – whatever.

But then I began reading his reviews.

His writing and insight and criticism helped me understand WHY I like certain films and genres, and WHY some movies are not satisfying, and movies are “built,”and so on.

And that made movies that I enjoy – that I love – so much better. Knowing why you appreciate something can make you appreciate it even more.

Can’t find a link, but I believe he said something along the lines of: “A movie isn’t about what it is about – a movie is about HOW it is what it is about.” Took me a few beats to fully grasp, but there it is.

Disagreed with some of his politics, but his insight into human nature and culture, coupled with his masterful way with words, was simply extraordinary.


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  1. A sad deal. Siskel and Ebert were the standard of film review. I remember watching them on PBS in the ’70s when they ran “Sneak Previews.” Great show.

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