Bert & Ernie’s

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Had lunch on Monday at Bert & Ernie’s – first time in quite a while.

The background music being played was pretty neat – can’t remember the last time I heard “Red Barchetta” in a restaurant!

The chips and salsa were delicious.

I ordered the Bison Dubliner – a double-patty bison burger. When Melisa, our most excellent waitress, brought it out, it was practically bleeding on the floor. “Medium” shouldn’t be dripping and shiny pink on the inside! Not to worry – she took it back, brought me a “better” one, and it was fine. B&E also didn’t charge me for the burger, which was very nice of them.

Bison Dubliner at Bert & Ernie's

And everybody else really enjoyed their meals, too.

Also noticed this card announcing upcoming concerts – very cool.

Bert & Ernie's live music

Jeni Dodd is (was? still?) part of Ruf Cut Grass, who were pretty awesome when we saw them perform at JJ’s a couple of years ago:


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