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Took our first trip to the new Kobe Seafood and Steakhouse, and WOW – what a wonderful experience!

Food was excellent, the service was top-notch, and the whole meal-prep production was delightful and entertaining.

Seriously – the cook (Leo) was just amazing – tossing sharp cutlery with ease, lobbing food into our mouths, cracking jokes – his performance alone is worth charging admission.

And in addition to the dining experience, we ran into several friends, which was quite fun!

I tried the Kobe steak, which was quite simply the most tender cut of meat I’ve ever had. It was very good, but *not quite* as good as the Highwood Bar (duh). The fried rice was awesome, too.

Here’s some highlights, including my friend Nicole and her buddy Pat going for broke with “sake bombs.”

Kobe Seafood and Steakhouse

Kobe Seafood and Steakhouse: 406-315-3775; address is 115 3rd Street NW.



  1. Went right after it opened, it was packed of course; but well worth the wait. It is well worth waiting to sit at the “grill” side of the house, to watch the show.

  2. We went Wednesday night. We are not new to Japanese food, so I judge a little harsh. In fact, I am VERY picky about the Japanese food that I eat. Kobe’s food was really good, but not as good as some of the restaurants I’ve been to. As I’ve said, I’m a bit picky, lol. Unfortunately, our chef was kind of dry. I can’t really blame it all on him, but the other people sitting at the table were very quiet. They need feedback from the guests to keep them going. If you go there with the attitude that you’re going to have a blast, and you relax and let yourself enjoy it…. you’ll be rolling with laughter by the time you leave. Me and my boys were interacting with him, and he honestly tried to make us laugh. I think he finally gave up on the couple and the several old ladies sitting at the table. The food was good. It wasn’t “amazing”, but it was really good. Over all…. I give this place a 4 out of 5 stars! One suggestion… instead of getting their “Yum Yum” sauce on the salad…. get the ginger sauce instead. Our server was great and over all… an awesome dinner experience.

  3. Tara, couldn’t agree more – the “entertainment” portion was the highlight for me. And your assessment of the food – for me, anyway – was spot on. The steak was good, but not great, but the atmosphere and fun more than made up for it. Can’t wait to go again!

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