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Remember my mini-rant against the over-use of hashtags? Looks like Facebook is getting in the # game, too, and Mallory Ortberg over at Gawker just crushes it:

Don’t overthink the hashtag. Just fling it in. When in doubt, add a hashtag, my grandmother used to sing cheerily in the kitchen over a bubbling pot of hashed tags. She’s dead now, but she used to be so alive. “It’s the hashtags,” she’d announce feistily whenever a reporter knocked on her willow cabin to inquire about the source of her longevity.

She also offers some advice about the proper use of hashtags, including this gem:

All nouns must be hashtagged or you might find yourself locked out of Facebook. This goes for status updates, inspirational Churchill quotes (“we will never #surrender” is good, “#we will #never #surrender” is great), whatever.


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