By Any Other Name

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I wasn’t too heart-broken when the whole “OMG TWINKIES ARE DISAPPEARING!” news broke a few months ago. Don’t think I’ve eaten a Twinkie since…maybe 1980 or so?

But I know that there were lots of folks who did care, so they’ll be happy to know that Little Debbie has stepped up to fill the void by introducing Cloud Cakes.

Or maybe they’ve always had them, but I never noticed them until a couple of weeks ago when they seemed to magically appear at Albertsons.

Wikipedia says that Twinkies were (and soon will be again?) made from “Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling.”

Cloud Cakes, according to Little Debbie, are made from “golden spongecake with fluffy vanilla creme filling.”

Eh…close enough.

Cloud Cakes - Twinkies by any other name?


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