Pit Stop Cafe

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Finally made it to the Pit Stop Cafe in Black Eagle, just off of 15th Street North on the far north side.

Basically one huge room with several pool tables in the middle, some large TV screens scattered on the walls with various sporting events, and a pretty basic menu – looks like their specialty is chicken, but there were several burgers, dogs, sandwiches, and appetizers, too.

I – of course – tried a double-cheeseburger and fries. The verdict: absolutely average. Not good, not bad – just a basic burger. The fries were adequate – reminded me very much of the frozen Ore-Ida fries you make at home.

Friendly service, but very slow.

To their credit – I ordered my burger plain, as I always do – meat, cheese, bun – no lettuce, no tomato, no pickles, no onions, etc. At least half of the time I order my burger like that in any restaurant, there will be SOMETHING either on the burger or on the side of the plate. And lo and behold, they got it right – kudos.

Double cheeseburger at the Pit Stop Cafe



  1. One of few places that you can get Rocky Mountain Oysters, and they’re really good. I’m with you on the service, though. Their cook doesn’t seem to know how to multi-task. We were there a few weeks ago with about 12-15 people. It took almost an hour for one of the couples to get their chicken, and by that time, the poor waiter was on his knees begging forgiveness. The couple finally left without getting their food. It was pretty sad. They need to get a new short-order cool who knows how to fix several things at once.

  2. Agreed – it was pretty sad, and the waiter who was trying to “pick up the slack” for our MIA waitress seemed rather embarrassed about it.

  3. My burger was good. But for a burger, side salad and a “filled once” ice tea, $12.50 is pretty steep. Too much competition in the city now to have crappy service.

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