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For everything, there is a first time…and this is my first time in more than 12 years of blogging that I have blogged about American Idol.

I’ve caught occasional episodes over the years, and only a few contestants ever really got my attention – among them Jacob Lusk, Katie Webber. Neither won the big prize, but they definitely had the goods.

This time around, I actually watched the last few episodes featuring the top 20 contestants, and here’s my top four picks.

Vincent Powell, based on what I saw last week, is hands-down the best male vocalist – he absolutely nailed it. For this week’s performance, he played it “safe” – like just about everyone else – with a slower, duller ballad-type song. Snore. But still – last week, he earned the crown – they could have stopped the show, handed him the trophy, and declared him the winner.

The other top male vocalist is Lazaro Arbos; his voice isn’t as good as Powell’s, but he’s smooth and seems more versatile than the other contestants.

For the ladies, it was close – Amber Holcomb and Angie Miller both were amazing, but I think Holcomb has the better voice. Her singing was just about perfect, and effortless – the song just seemed to radiate from her.

If it comes down to Powell and Holcomb, I don’t know who “should” win. Maybe American Idol should do what Hollywood does – have one grand prize for guys, and one grand prize for gals.


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