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The good folks at the Lewis & Clark Portage Cache Store (Facebook page) posted this on Tuesday – I wasn’t sure if it was legit, or a gag, but they assure me it’s real.

Might be worth picking up…to be honest, until I moved to Great Falls back in 2002 – as a reasonably well-educated adult, mind you – I couldn’t have told you anything about Lewis & Clark except that they were “explorers.” Couldn’t have told you the time frame (beyond “1800s), or where specifically they went exploring, etc.

I didn’t pay enough attention in 8th grade history class.

Lewis & Clark For Dummies


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  1. *grin* – thanks, Dave. I didn’t believe it either, when I found it online, but figured it would be a great addition to the store. I’ve been coming up with some really cool stuff for the place lately. You should come visit!

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