“Spark”ing a Discussion

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Sophia Sparklin, an architect here in Great Falls, recently posted a question on her business Facebook page that generated more than 200 comments: “What kind of restaurant would you love to have in Great Falls?”

That question has sparked (no pun intended) many, many comments here at GreaterFalls over the last several years, and not surprisingly, the comments that Sophia received revealed similar sentiments.

The overwhelming favorites, as far as “chain” restaurants: Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

Sophia noted: “The bad news for fans of both brands is that they generally require trade areas between 100,000 (OG) and 125,000 (RL) people, so it may be worth considering a local seafood and Italian dining alternative.”

Cascade County has a population of just over 81,000, so yeah…not likely going to happen anytime soon.

Those top two results aren’t surprising – I have been amazed at how often those two names come up whenever the topic is discussed. I truly don’t understand the fanaticism those two chains generate.

Although…for the first year or so I lived here, back in 2002/2003, I would have given a limb for a Chili’s – it was, at the time, my absolute favorite restaurant. And by the time it did arrive in Great Falls in 2008…nope. Enjoyed my first visit, but the two or three times I’ve been back, it just…no. My tastes have “acclimated” to Great Falls, and it simply has very little appeal to me any more.

ANYWAY…back to Sophia – she posted the overall results on her mini-blog “Dining Environments” in two posts: one focused on the chain restaurants, and another on local eateries.


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  1. David, you most know how that saddens me that chain restaurants are the first to be requested. The food is average but consistent. Why aren’t we asking for a restaurant that serves up local foods…you know one that will help our community in general by buying local? Sigh…

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