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Family member got a phone call from “Saul Lopez” today – Saul told her that her computer had been hacked, and he could walk her through the steps to safeguard her computer, etc.

She was smart enough to know it was a scam and hung up on him; she also noted that he was rather rude, considering that he was trying to “help” her.

A few minutes later, good ol’ Saul called our house, too. We didn’t answer, but I did try calling him back a bit later, and received a canned voice-mail response which said that the mailbox was no longer accepting messages.

I suspect that “Saul’s” phone number isn’t a legit number in our community – best guess is that the scammer just signed up for a 406 phone number using Google Voice.

Saul Lopez at 406-952-3035 - SCAMMER

Quick Google search turns up a similar story:

From the background noise and his accent it seemed like he was in a calling center in maybe India? He insisted that my wife’s email account and/or computer had been hacked and was sending out stuff all over the place.

Anyway…if you get a call from “Saul” or from this phone number, don’t even bother answering…even though it looks like a friendly Montana phone number, it’s nothing but trouble.


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  1. My roommate’s folks in Havre got one of those calls a couple weeks ago. Also sounded like India and his parents actually did fall for it. They remoted in and who knows what they might have taken or left behind, but when my roomie found out, he talked them through wiping the computer.

    Never take someone on their word over the phone when they’re the ones calling you unsolicited.

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