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Well, damn. Gregg is officially hanging it up. Don’t have any insight or wise parting words for Electric City Weblog, except to say that if Greg hadn’t opted for a career in law, he would have made one helluva journalist.

What Greg did with ECW was truly awesome – highlighting some of the good, the bad, and the screwy in our community, and providing an outlet for voices that aren’t heard enough in the Great Falls media outlets.

Greg, your blogging was very much appreciated – and I’m glad that we have become friends IRL, and look forward to bumping into you at various eateries around Great Falls!



  1. Well, damn. ECW was an asset to Great Falls. I remember when the yahoos at the Trib were extolling the virtues of SME and ECP… ECW was the voice of reason in covering that fiasco. Sad to see ECW go.

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