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We made a sort of last-minute decision to try LobsterFest at the Montana Club last night – and holy cow, are we glad we did!

We knew it would be crazy-busy – when I drove by at about 7:15 not only was the parking lot packed, but there were cars parked in the grass along the side of the road! So we waited until about 9 pm to show up – and (whew!) didn’t have to wait for a table!

Broken record time: the service was simply amazing – Heather and the rest of the crew were on top of everything; the atmosphere was wonderful, although the crowd seemed a bit noisier than usual – just lots of happy lobster-stuffed folks!

They had special large LobsterFest 2013 menus printed up, and all of the staff was wearing special LobsterFest shirts – when the Montana Club goes for a promotion, they really go all in!

As for the food: perfection. I opted for the lobster tail and prime rib, and Krista had the lobster newburg. We also tried the lobster tempura as an appetizer. What can I say? It was awesome, just that simple.

If you want to get in on the lobster action, today (Saturday) is the last chance – they start it back up at 3 pm. Full menu here.
Heh…there’s even a chance we’ll head back for another round!



  1. Went there Saturday night and they were out of Live lobsta, we left, it wasn’t worth the hour wait for dead lobsta. Hopefully they will do this again.

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