Weekend News

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Busy news weekend – Tara Grimes, Lindsey Gordon, and the rest of the team hustled their butts off to cover news – car in Hauser Lake, rollover in Stockett, gun rally in Helena, stabbing in Fort Benton – and they didn’t just phone it in, they were actually on the scene. So proud to work with this crew!


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  1. Speaking of news, would your station be able to research why the city is no longer updating crime reports.com? I know so many people that use the service to find out what is going on in their neighborhoods and it has even been discussed at our neighborhood council meetings as early as Jan. 4th’s meeting, and now there haven’t been updates since the beginning of the year. I will be very disappointed if the city got rid of the service as it really kept things in perspective as a woman that could fall prey to crime at any moment. It made me more vigilant.


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