Squirrel Appreciation Day

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Among the lesser-known of the Holidays and Observances is Squirrel Appreciation Day – which is today!

According to the National Wildlife Federation:

No matter how you feel about squirrels, they are remarkable creatures. These small mammals are some of the most successfully adapted animals to both fragmented habitat and urban living. While many may see them as vexing pests that consume vast quantities of bird food and scavenge ridiculous things for nesting materials, take Jan. 21 to look at them in a new light — as a reminder of the wildlife around us. I personally love the little guys and helped raise four orphaned babies over several weeks one summer.

I fall firmly in the “squeee!” camp – squirrels are just so damn delightfully whimsical that it’s impossible not to appreciate them. Their hand-like paws, their herky-jerky movements, their quirky jumping – all just so wonderfully hilarious! Er…except in cases where a squirrel is armed with a jack-knife, in which it’s best to simply back away slowly.

Here’s some recent Squirrels That I Have Seen; how could anyone not find them adorable?





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