Danny “Johnny Depp” Lopez

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Had the pleasure of meeting Danny Lopez on Friday – very nice guy.

He’s known primarily for being a masterful Johnny Depp impersonator, and is a part-time resident around here.

He stopped by KRTV to talk about being part of a Toys For Tots drive on Saturday – he’s going to be at the Lobby Bar, where they will be giving tours of the “haunted” upstairs area in exchange for donations to Toys For Tots.

He spent some time talking with Jen and a few other staffers about the craziness of “being” a celebrity, hanging out with fellow impersonators, and of course some of his interactions with the real celebrities.

Danny Lopez, aka "Johnny Depp"

On a side note – since me and K are tying the knot in a few months, and haven’t yet nailed down the person to do the actual tying – I asked Danny if he can perform marriages, figuring it would be AWESOME to have him marry us as, say, Benjamin Barker or the Mad Hatter. Sadly, he isn’t licensed to perform weddings. But wow – that might be a pretty lucrative gig – having celebrity impersonators available to perform weddings!



  1. David, most Montana counties don’t require any certification to preform marriages. I officiated one in Silver Bow and all they require is for the couple to both believe the officiant is competent and capable of performing the ceremony.

  2. Interesting…we’d heard rumors to that effect, bonkrood – will check with county clerk to see if there are any other restrictions. Hey – we might ask YOU to do it!

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