Fancy New Burger King!

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Stopped by the Burger King on the NW Bypass last night – they’ve finished their remodeling, and it looks pretty cool.

Remodeled Burger King in Great Falls

Remodeled Burger King in Great Falls

The most interesting change are the new beverage dispensers – they’re from THE FUTURE.

Put your cup in the center area (push for ice), and then use the touch-screen to navigate and dispense the drink you want.

There’s a sign on top of one of the machines explaining how to operate it, but an employee told me that some folks are still pretty confused by it.

 Beverage dispensers from THE FUTURE at Burger King

Check it out:

Nice feature: there’s buttons at about waist-level so that people in wheelchairs can use the system without having to worry about reaching the touch-screen.


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