Taking The Plunge

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KRTV is fielding a team of Polar Plungers at this year’s Christmas Stroll.

We’ve got five people signed up for it – from the news side, we’ve got Claire, Matt, Tara, and Erin, and on the sales side, Kady.

And for all of you wondering why I am not taking the plunge, let me repeat: yes, yes, I love the cold…but I absolutely HATE getting wet!

As for the five brave souls on Team KRTV – they’ve all got donation pages set up, but I’m officially endorsing Claire and Matt this time around…because during a brief lull in the workday recently, they went to work on their mad hula-hoop skillz.

Claire and Matt gettin' their hula-hoop on!

Why there are hula hoops in the studio is anyone’s guess.


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