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One of the newest bloggers in town is Georgia Mae – she’s a young’un, but she’s definitely got the hang of it. Writes well, includes photos, and even throws in plenty of animated gifs!

Her latest entry is about Beef O’Brady’s, one of the new restaurants in Great Falls, and she brings up an interesting point:

“The parking lot has been consistently full ever since they opened so I figured the food couldn’t be half bad, but I was kind of reluctant to go there because the name just sounds so weird. It brings to mind giant troughs of greasy meat and burly men waiting in line to get their grisly protein fix. Plus, as my friend Christina pointed out, that little O in the middle looks pretty much exactly like Shrek. That doesn’t make me think “delicious” either.”

Check out her how her visit went!

Beef O'Brady's now open in Great Falls


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