1. I can’t help but laugh, because I came across a comment on their fb pagee that said this was the equivalent of cyber bullying. Come on! It is 2 businesses! And, this is a personal blog! You didn’t even mention their name!

    Also, I find it appalling that they reported someone died in a car accident when it wasn’t true. They didn’t even publicly recant the error to my knowledge. Having had a family member die in a car wreck, I can only imagine how terrifying that was for people to read about the airman but couldn’t get to the scene. After all, most military personnel live away from their families when stationed. I learned most about my Dad’s wreck from KRTV because it happened out of state, but I was glad to know.

    I just don’t understand. Some mistakes are just inexcuseable. How about typing a story in Microsoft Word and using spell check? Sheesh.

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