Burger: The Montana Club

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After enjoying a practically perfect dinner at the Montana Club last week, it was time for the Big Test: cheeseburger!

So as the big, fluffy snow was falling on this Sunday, we headed to the Montana Club, and this is what I had:

Cheeseburger at The Montana Club in Great Falls

Two 1/3 patties, two (or 3?) kinds of cheese, and bacon, served on a focaccia bun. Technically, I ordered the “OMG Burger” (seriously, that’s what it is called), but I skipped the 1000 Island Dressing and the sausage.

AND…of course I ordered it without lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, mayo, etc, etc, etc. Just meat, cheese, bacon, bun.

And much to my delight, it was delivered precisely as I ordered it (which is far more than can be said of recent outings to a certain other eatery).

The verdict: DELICOUS! Tasty meat, yummy cheese, crisp bacon, and the beef was not too dry.

The only thing I will change for my next burger there is that I will get a regular bun, not some fancy focaccio bun.



  1. Had dinner there last Sunday night. Can anyone explain why Montana Club does not do reservations? It’s assinine to not do it. Waited about 30 minutes, got to a table (one gentlemen who was there before us got up and asked when he was going to get a table – he had been waiting for 45 minutes. The host apologized… he and his family got up and left). Meal was decent, 4 of us for $125, meal, a few drinks and tip. Not bad. Not great.

  2. We also had dinner there Sunday night. Jam packed at 7pm and a 25 minute wait. I agree that reservations would be nice. Our server was fantastic. The House Marinated Ribeye was outstanding. $150 for four of us, but the quality of the food and service beat a recent similarly priced meal at Dante’s.

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