Urban Deer on Twitter

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It’s true – despite being hoofed mammals, apparently deer have enough dexterity to be able to use Twitter.

Case in point: UrbanDeerMT. His Twitter bio says it all: “Fun loving urban animal that enjoys eating your flowers and causing car accidents.”

He’s been at it since June, understands the proper use of hash-tags, and I believe lives in Missoula.

urbandeermt on twitter

Among my favorite tweets from Urban Deer:

– Best thing about having hoofs? Trampling these people who think they’ll be getting a $200 laptop before me. #bitchgetouttamyway

– Ugh – I can’t stand dogs, always barking at me when I’m trying to eat peoples flowers or sleep in their bushes.

– Wanted: Safe place to stay. Must be warm, must be gun free. Must be vegetarian. Must love deer. #UrbanDeerPleas

– Hey hunters! Not so easy to shoot me when I’m running down Higgins Ave causing accidents now is it? #UrbanDeerBattlesBack

– Dodged three arrows today from hunters.. I thought #UrbanDeer were off limits to hunters? WTF? #youreinmyhousebitches


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