1. 1st Guess: Purple Rain. Singer (and if you count this movie)/ Actor: Prince.

    2nd lame guess: Footloose. Starring Kevin Bacon (Actor) and Lori SINGER. (ha ha if this is the case)

    I’m probably wrong on both counts, but still.

  2. I can see the guy – David somebody, the show was about this painfully shy mysterious long-haired folk-singing wanderer who helped people get out of trouble, may have been a Native American . . .

    David . . . David . . . what the heck was his name? Pretty weak musician, as I recall. He had a brother who was also an actor, I think. David . . .

    Shoot. I’ll be stuck on this all morning . . .

  3. yup, Kung Fu. Both movie and TV series, I believe.

    You are right, David Carradine couldn’t sing a lick – it was more like speaking/moaning/whispering a poem with a boring acoustic guitar background!

    Not quite as bad as William Shatner’s attempt at pop stardom. But almost.

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