Link Round-Up + Photo (Nov 7)

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– Jack The Blogger offers his thoughts about why Rehberg lost, and makes some good points. The lawsuit thing, I think, really hurt Rehberg, fairly or not.

– The crew over at the Electric City Weblog got some press re: the crusade to reform Benefis. Some of the comments criticize the KRTV segment for not talking about the issues at Benefis, but the article wasn’t really aimed at doing that – it was telling the story about how folks are using the blog to generate discussion, share information, and provide an outlet for folks who are concerned. (note – I was not involved in the story at all, other than posting it online)

– Curtis always manages to capture wonderful photos, but on Tuesday he caught something with his camera – a guy who drove his truck into the Missouri River. Driver wasn’t hurt, thankfully…just wet and likely embarrassed.

And now a photo: from last week at work, when my friends Diane and Erika dressed up for Halloween.

I’ll admit that Diane’s costume threw me – she had to explain what it was…but you, dear reader, will likely figure it out.

As for Erika: well, I knew she was a panda, but she explained that she was actually a Kung-Fu Panda. I had to plead ignorance on that specific – it’s apparently a movie, but my Disney-fied movie days with the kiddos wrapped up a few years ago, circa “The Lion King.” 🙂

Diane and Erika on Halloween


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  1. The reason the KRTV segment was crticized was because we were interviewed for over an hour about the many problems at Benefis. It was a waste of our time. Why even ask us then? We were also promised this would be a way for many people who do not have computers too get informed about what’s going on in this community that should concern them.

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