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The number of campaign ads on TV and radio in the 2012 election in Montana is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

It’s just…massive. Inescapable. Most are just infuriating, abd many of them are laced with half-truths or deception, and I don’t know a single person who isn’t sick of the ads. Have they convinced anyone to vote for or against any particular candidate?

On the other hand, there are at least two light-hearted commercials.

One of them was filmed at the barber shop at Smelter and Division; seeing Tester’s smiling face pop up over the newspaper as he says the “…and I approve this message” line is kind of humorous. Regardless of ideology or politics, at least that one has the virtue of seeming genuine and actually includes a smile.

And last week, there was a commercial with Steve Daines and his family sitting around a campfire as Daines told a scary story about big government – that one is pretty cute, too, and uses family members as real people, not just bland silent props as the candidate walks with them through a meadow.

So…which ad sticks out in your mind as the absolute worst? The most offensive?

Oh – and the 2012 campaign is also somewhat notable in that one of our races – Rehberg versus Tester for the U.S. Senate – has gotten quite a bit of national attention.



  1. The worst… Tester’s constant whine about Rehberg not being “one of us… He’s only out for himself.” Hey Jon… how about running on your record the past six years. You see, that’s the trick. If he did that, he’d lose easily, as most Montanans did not support Obamacare and didn’t support the stimulus bill. So it’s smoke and mirrors time.

  2. ALSO: notice how some of the anti-Rehberg ads claims that he’s been in DC too long – but I bet they don’t feel the same about Baucus, who’s been there much, much longer…

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