Link Roundup!

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Time for a good old-fashioned link roundup from fellow Great Falls and north-central Montana bloggers! Check ’em all out here, and if I’ve missed yours, let me know!

– Rhonda over at The Kitchen Witch has a simple recipe for Easy Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks – looks yummy! AND it looks simple enough that even I can do it!

– Jack offers his thoughts on the “Big Sky, Big Money” program that aired on PBS earlier this week.

Beautiful picture at Giant Springs taken by Todd.

– Kari, who lives up near Cut Bank, isn’t at all surprised by the change in weather 🙂

– And even a bit farther north, Courtney proclaims the Joys of A Riding Snowblower!

– Gregg has penned a letter to our municipal leaders which states, in part: “Great Falls is a nice community, but let us be honest: there are many, many nice communities in this state. Which ones are going to be around and growing 20 years from now? When I find it is much easier for business people to open and operate in Missoula or Bozeman, and it is, you have a problem. This is my home; I was born and raised in this community, have many family roots here, and feel very loyal to it. I am a staunch defender of Great Falls. If you are losing me, there must be others who feel the same way.”


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