Downtown Doghouse Update

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Amid the good news about several new restaurants in Great Falls comes some very sad news: the Downtown Doghouse, one of the coolest eateries in town and which I referred to as “Hot Dog Heaven”, is closing on November 10th.

Joel and his team posted this on their Facebook page this morning:

But there is hope – Joel continues: “We are not giving up on our dream. We love the Doghouse too much. We are gathering our resources and moving forward. We know we have passionate fans and we want to hear from you. We will keep our facebook site going for communication, suggestions, and, knowing our fans, encouragement- all the usual. In the meantime, come eat some hot dogs. Let’s send the old girl out in style.”

So…we all need to go eat at the Doghouse BEFORE November 10th to show our support, and keep our fingers crossed that Joel & Co. come roaring back in another location soon!

The Downtown Doghouse



  1. Arent they supposed to be doing the restaurant up at the skyline now? I thought Isaw that on their fb page a few weeks ago

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