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Feeling pretty damn fortunate today on my birthday – feelin’ the love.

My daughter sent me a very cool birthday package – and it was literally bacon-wrapped!

Bacon-wrapped gift!

Inside were some nifty treats – check out these way-cool fridge magnets featuring two of the coolest guys named James to ever live!

James Kirk and James Brown!

Also included: some sweet soul music!

Al Green - awesome

Some very thoughtful cards from my mom and my dad – the one from my mom is one of the cutest cards EVER:

And from my super-awesome co-worker Katie – some delicious animal-cookie-topped cupcakes! And a sign showing how easily I can be bought!



  1. My sister Suzanne sang with a great band in Great Falls back in the 60’s – Pit and the Pendulums (Danny Penland, Danny Sutherland, et. al). As a little kid I was thrilled to get to sit in with the big guys once in a while. In their later years they had a young guy from MAFB names Willie (Smith, maybe?) who did the most KILLER James Brown you ever saw! Had the look, the sound, the side-slip. Little tiny guy, maybe 5’6″, but he was a powerhouse.

    Some of the guys from the band moved to California, word has it there were substance issues and it all went to hell. But back in the day, that band was hot, and who would expect a James Brown show in Great Falls?

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