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Amid the nastiness and attack ads and get out the vote efforts in Montana politics comes this strange little moment during the Hill-Bullock debate, as seen in this brief video shot by Dustin Hurst of the Montana Watchdog.

Dustin wrote: “In an odd moment during the Oct. 17 gubernatorial debate in Kalispell, Democrat Steve Bullock proves he’s taller than Republican Rick Hill. So, that happened.”

It is indeed odd – looks almost like Bullock wants to “start” something or just flat-out try to intimidate Hill by attempting to tower over him.

To his credit, Hill didn’t seem to even flinch or bat an eye.

Starts at about the 41 second mark:



  1. Dear Greater Falls,
    I have enjoyed your “non-partisian” discussions for quite some time now. I am completely disappointed in the above article. Especially the fact that you give Dustin Hurst of Montana Watchdog a spot, intending to portray him as a fair and balanced reporter, which he is not. Thanks for the memories! By by “Greater Falls”.
    No worries, I will never post here again!

  2. Hold on Graycat – I wasn’t “partisan” in this entry! I posted it because it’s so damn peculiar. If you’re writing off me and my site solely because of THIS entry…well, then you’re probably too far in the Kool-Aid tank for me to really worry about, I guess.

    And re: Dustin Hurst – believe me, I understand. He is a complete jackass who lost EVERY shred of credibility with me several weeks ago when he tried to smear Governor Schweitzer as a racist. I emailed Hurst to express my outrage, and he dismissed me completely. What Hurst did was flat-out lie about the governor and what he said, and he did serious damage to Watchdog’s reputation in my eyes.

    It was and is a mistake for Watchdog to keep Hurst on board, in my opinion.

  3. And by the way – did I portray Hurst as a “fair and balanced reporter,” or imply that he is a trusted source of accurate reporting, etc? Nope, I did not.

    I only shared a 56-second video clip that Hurst posted to YouTube – the video speaks for itself as an odd visual moment in a debate, without any need for partisan commentary on either side.

  4. Dear Sir,
    If Dustin Hurst really is; “a complete jackass who lost EVERY shred of credibility with me several weeks ago when he tried to smear Gov. Schweitzer as a racist,” then why post the video? Just like all video clips, you need to hear the entire debate to make an informed decision. This political season has gone to the birds, because of people like Dustin Hurst. By your posting this video, gives Dustin and others the impression that you approve of his tactics. Those tactics are; to create division and belittle compromise. You may think it is an odd video, that is your right. I have my right to respond in a gracious manner. No, never drank Kool-aid and I never will. You do not have to insult me on my beliefs, I just brought up the fact that I had never seen this type of entry before in your blog, and was disappointed.
    There, done deal,

  5. Wow. The whole point of the video is NOT what Hill and Bullock are saying – I’m not taking sides or highlighting the words coming out of their mouths! It literally is as simple as a strange moment on a stage that I have never seen before. It just happens to have been caught on video by Hurst. Sharing the video in no way is an endorsement of (a) Hurst, (b) Hill, or (c) Bullock. I’m honestly baffled that you are taking this one post to indict my entire blog and posting history.

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