Beef O’Brady’s

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Kirsten told me that a new sign has gone up over at the old Elmer’s restaurant – sure enough, it looks like Great Falls will soon be home to Beef O’Brady’s.

Never heard of it until yesterday, but the menu sure looks decent. From the About page:

Their first restaurant opened in Brandon, Florida. The regulars quickly nicknamed it “Beef ’s®.” Inspired by a love of sports, Jim filled his restaurant with TVs and satellite dishes so patrons could enjoy watching a vast array of sporting events. He also covered the walls with authentic sports memorabilia he had collected through the years. As a final touch, he made sure a traditional Irish Blessing graced every menu, bidding good fortune and happy times to all who visited.

Hope it has better luck than the two most recent occupants at that location – Monty’s A Taste Of The West and Canyon Burger/Baja Fresh.

No word yet on when it will open.

Beef O'Brady's



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