Burgers I Have Loved: Faster Basset

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My initial enthusiasm about the super-delicious burgers at Faster Basset was tempered for several months after they messed up our order three times in a row…so we were a little gun-shy about trying it again.

But last night we figured that Brandon & Co. have had enough time to work out the kinks, and were not disappointed. Double for me, single for K – and the order was correct, and the burgers were DELICIOUS.

Even better: the bacon was absolutely perfect, which is sometimes hard to get right on a burger.

Faster Basset Double-Cheeseburger

And the joint was jumping last night – lots of folks – and there was even live music happening, pretty cool:


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  1. Your picture enticed us to try Faster Bassett for lunch today and it was great! We sat by the fire, had a great lunch and listened to some music…..Good recommendation

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