Off To Carter!

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Took a fun little drive up to Carter on Saturday – lunch at the Rocking K, and a stop at The Quilting Hen.

As for the burger…it was VERY good, even better than our last visit. Definitely worth the 23-mile drive. And the hand-cut fries were perfect.

Double cheeseburger at the Rocking K in Carter!

Fries at the Rocking K

Saw this cute little pronghorn in the field between the Rocking K and the Quilting Hen. He (she?) seemed quite content, didn’t mind us taking his picture.

Pronghorn near Carter, Montana

And at The Quilting Hen, while K was inside selecting fabric, I played outside with the three “house dogs” – Marley, Baxter, and Cooper. Forgot to take a picture, but such good pups!

And inside The Quilting Hen, there’s this hint of the crazy, wacky world of quilting:

Quilt Block Go WILD!


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