“Barred” from Bar S

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So we stopped at the Bar S for lunch two Sundays ago, and it was absolutely delicious. Burger was excellent, same with the fries. My only regret on that day was that I ordered a single burger, instead of a double! And the service – via April – was outstanding.

April mentioned that they were trying to get more folks in for Sunday lunch, and based on our meal and service that day, we thought it might be a nice new Sunday tradition.

So last Sunday, we cruised in at about 2:30, and were told that they had shut off the grill and wouldn’t start it back up until dinner service at 4 pm. We were told that to be sure we got in for lunch, get there before 2 pm.

OK…so we headed on back today BEFORE 2 pm, and as we opened the door, we were met by the man we assume is the owner, or at least the manager…and he told us that they don’t start serving until 4 pm, and that there is no lunch service on Sunday.

Grrrr…make up your mind! We love the food, we love the atmosphere, we love the service…but we can’t enjoy it unless you’re actually, you know…OPEN.

Bar S in Great Falls

Sigh. So we went off in search of another fun lunch, and decided to give Popeye’s chicken on Malmstrom AFB a try – and it was delicious. First time in the new BX, too – not bad, for a small-base BX.

Popeye's at Malmstrom Air Force Base


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