Wrong Station

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Tom Balek – who, coincidentally, was just added to the GreaterFalls blogroll last week! – posted the following message on Twitter on Friday evening: “Jr. High Kids in Charge at KRTV?”

Uh, yeah, that got my attention. The link is to a blog entry that he posted, in which he states:

This week KRTV News in Great Falls ran an item about the Montana secretary of state race, opening with a nice video of incumbent Democrat Denise Juneau addressing her adoring supporters, and featuring pretty children holding “Juneau” signs. The news producer then had to put a graphic on the screen to represent the challenger, Republican Sandy Welch. So what image did the station select? An obscure Facebook photo from a Halloween party showing Welch dressed up as a devil. Really!

He also includes an embedded video of the news clip.

One problem: the story, the picture, and the video are all from KFBB, and NOT from KRTV.

The KRTV version of the story included actual video from the debate, and no Halloween or costumed photos of either candidate.

To his great credit, Tom apologized on Twitter within minutes of the error being point out, and updated his blog entry.



  1. Dave, there’s a lesson in this for all of us Citizen Journalists. Slow the hell down! In my passion and zeal and haste to get that important story out, I somehow did what I did.

    It’s embarrassing, but I think I got all the corrections out before any damage was done. Thanks for being gracious and letting me off the hook.

    Humbly Rockin’ on the wrong side today, Tom

  2. David! I hope you get paid alot of money at KRTV. Your attention to the details regarding the reputation of KRTV and the number of times you have kept the record straight is fantastic. Good for you!

  3. Tom – no worries – appreciate the quick correction! And FWIW – might not be fair to attribute political bias to KFBB – trust me – it’s far more an issue of sheer incompetence.

    Nicki – awww! Thank you! I’m going to show your comment to Heath and demand a raise! 🙂

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