NEW Mold!

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“Newly Remolded” at Chuck’s Oriental Palace (aka Chinese Fast Food Express) on 6th Street NW.

Well…guess it’s better than dealing with the old mold, right?

Nothing says “fresh” like a brand-new layer of mold!

Newly Remolded!


Never been in there, so I don’t have an opinion on the food, service, or decor. Reviews on G+ are mixed.



  1. Uh, what does smoker friendly mean when you can’t smoke inside? Do they give you cigs and a lighter? Do they follow you outside to keep you company? Do they have one guy that is friendly and he happens to smoke also?

  2. Sounds like we could start a whole new level of customer service. You don’t have to stand around by yourself, freezing your tushy off, no one to talk with. Meet Fred Friendly, he will risk his live in -20 degrees just to keep you company. For just a small donation he will even give you compliments. “You are so good-looking. That color really suits you. Have youu lost weight?” Five compliments for a low price of $4.99. But wait, today only we will throw in 5 extra compliments at no additional charge.

    I’ve had too much Mt Dew.

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