Creepy Crawlies

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Several weeks ago, KRTV aired a report of a Great Falls man who found a camel spider in his yard. That generated a flood of comments, ranging from “Ewwwww!” to “Yikes!” to “Yep, seen ’em Montana lots of times.” Lots of people then began asking about hobo spiders, which KRTV also reported on – and which also triggered a flood of responses.

Those reports also prompted people to begin posting pictures to the KRTV “Wild Kingdom” photo gallery and the KRTV Facebook page of spiders that they have seen in recent weeks, all with the same question: What kind of spider is this?

This picture was taken by my daughter in Missoula a few weeks ago. No idea what type of spider it is…but if I had to guess, I’d wager it belongs to the “OMG IT’S HUGE AND GOING TO ATTACK ME!” family of spiders.

Spider and Coin


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