Bye Bye Baja

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Pretty surprised that Baja Fresh/Canyon Burgers has shut down already – they just opened back in December. Might be a record “open to close” for a chain in Great Falls.

On the other hand, the closure isn’t completely surprising – as I noted after eating there, the burgers were definitely not worth going back for…and to be honest, I think the combo “burger joint/Mexican cafe” theme was a bit confusing.

And the unnecessary complication of “Do I order at the counter? Do I sit down for table service?” might have been a factor, too.

And of course there’s plenty of other Mexican restaurants to choose from in Great Falls.

There are LOTS of opinions about what restaurant should open up there – of course there’s the usual cries for Olive Garden and Red Lobster, but I’ve also heard some folks cheering for Five Guys, which sounds like a winner to me.



  1. Buffalo Wild Wings!

    There have been rumors in the past of BWW opening here after Billings, Bozeman, Helena, Missoula. All those locations are now open. Has anyone heard any word on a Great Falls location recently?

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