1. Wow. Congratulations on the conversion to civilian life. Do you miss Active Duty at times? I do and then I slap myself and realize that life has more options as a retired person.

  2. Hey Chuck! Nope – don’t really miss it – although sometimes I could instill some military discipline into my current workplace 🙂

    Todd: hell no! First, that facial fur ain’t going anywhere! Second…uh, fitting into that uniform might be a bit of a stretch – literally! I may have put on…um…a few extra pounds since then!

  3. Amazingly my blues fit me just fine…but I did have to buy new blues in my last year or so because I had grown slightly….

    There are days when I miss it, but when I do I take a trip up to the base and that pretty much takes care of the missing feeling. I enjoyed dressing up in uniform for Brittney’s graduation, that was actually kind of fun.

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