Red Light

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I’m sure that the folks at Ron Hall Sprinklers do a great job in their chosen field, so I don’t mean to cast aspersions on their sprinkler installation and maintenance proficiency…but whoever was driving a Ron Hall Sprinklers pickup truck on 6th Street North on Friday night at 9:55 pm needs to learn what a flashing red light means.

Here’s a hint: it means STOP, jackass.

If we had been about 2 seconds faster as we were driving along 2nd Avenue North, he would have plowed right into us. Didn’t even slow down – just blasted right through the intersection.


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  1. That is a bad intersection for running red lights. I’ve seen people in the middle of the day run it without even noticing. Driving North on 6th I was maybe about half a block away from being t-boned. Also the intersection of 7th St. North and 1st Ave North is pretty bad. People will turn left on red there without a second thought. It seems most people don’t know or don’t care that left on red is only okay on two intersecting one ways…bad driving is one of my biggest pet peeves.

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