Dad Chimes In: Phoenix!

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My post yesterday about celebrating 10 years in Great Falls struck a chord with my dad, who now lives in Texas, but who experienced a similar feeling when he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, back in the 60s; he said in an email:

That is a great remembrance!!! I had that same feeling on my first visit to Phoenix. I flew in from New England (I was still stationed at Otis AFB, Cape Cod, Massachusetts), where it was cold, windy and snowing real hard. And suddenly, I was in Phoenix: Sun shining, orange and grapefruit trees, clean streets, Camelback Mountain, happy and friendly people. It was February, 1966. And we had four seasons (well, almost) there too.

Yep – Phoenix – the Valley Of The Sun, where I was born just a few months after my folks moved there!

And speaking of Phoenix – I bet my dad can’t wait to get this in the mail – it’s a Phoenix Blazers pennant that I finally got my hands on a few days ago!

Phoenix Blazers


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