Pizza List

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We need lists…and no place better to start than with my list of the best pizza in Great Falls, starting with the best.

1: Pizza Baron
2: Howard’s Pizza (esp. at Stein Haus)
3: Stageline Pizza
4: MacKenzie River Pizza (extra points for atmosphere/style)
5: Rikki’s Pizza & Pasta
6: Papa John’s Pizza
7: Pizza Hut
8: Domino’s Pizza

Haven’t tried Papa Murphy’s. Any others I missed?



  1. Not that I’ve had pizza at these places, but:

    Papa John’s
    Little Caesar’s
    …and you might consider the Sting?

  2. Interested to see a list of places in town where one can get a taco or burrito. I think that you might need an extra website just to list the quantity of those establishments.

  3. I totaly agree about the Pizza Baron pizza, but when it comes to eating a pizza at home, we love Papa Murphys, if you haven’t tried it you should!

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