New “Best Burger”

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Had to try the Faster Basset burger when they launched two weeks ago – and there’s a new Best Burger in Great Falls! Seriously. Even better than the Q-Burger at Goode’s. But don’t worry, Goode’s – NO ONE can compare to your Haystack breakfast!

This is what I had at Faster Basset – a double – yep, that’s a whole pound of beef! And yep, I finished it!

Faster Basset Burger

Note that until two weeks ago, they offered this “burger” only in crepe form – which was seriously kick-butt, but putting it in a real burger bun just puts it over the top.

Also: the burger introduction was only half the story – they also launched their new beer/alcohol area and expansion. Obviously not my cup of tea (heh), but the crowd sure seemed to enjoy the selection and atmosphere.

Brandon and his team are awesome – great job! Check ’em out on on Facebook.

(PS – the best burger I’ve ever had in Montana is still the one that I had in Square Butte)


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