Amid The Clover

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Tatjanna – one of the coolest people in Great Falls, by the way – always has great pictures to share, and this adorable little bunny is no exception. Go say hi! And while you’re there, give her fundraising page a look – she’s on a mission to get to Guatemala and do some Good Stuff.

UPDATE, Wednesday night: Dammit. Tatjanna had a bad experience today while enjoying the Independence Day parade downtown: some jackass(es) broke into her car and stole some of her photography equipment.

Just want to say thanks to the a**hole who broke into my car and stole my photography gear!! On that note: Missing Grey and black Lowepro camera bag, 1 18-55 Kit Lens, 1 55-250 lens (all Canon brand) Samsung laptop charger, 3 8 Gig Kingston memory cards. and misc. photographic gear.

If anyone has ANY clues to help her get her stuff back, PLEASE let her know.


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  1. Thank you for the posts Dave, I do want to say thank you to everyone (including you) who reposted for me, when visiting pawn shops and what not after the fact people knew who I was and were extremely helpful, we also did some proactive searching of the area and local residents were cool enough to help us look or ask what to be on the lookout for! Also, A 3 very amazing local photogs loaned and donated equiptment to me so I wouldn’t have to miss a beat..Our town, with all it’s flaws is still a good one!

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