Door To Door

If the Great Falls City Commission wants to improve their public opinion ratings and image, they might consider enacting a city-wide ban on door-to-door sales and surveys; I’m sure it would go over better than, say, a ban on cell phone use by drivers.

FWIW, we get very, very few door-to-door sales people at our home, for some reason, but it looks like some homes are visited repeatedly, sometimes two or more times in the same week. The subject has generated some pretty heated responses on the KRTV Facebook page.

Such a ban would bring up some less than obvious side effects, however – trying to ban encyclopedia or vacuum cleaner salesmen might also result in no more Girl Scout cookies, or religious missionaries, etc.

Derby Baby in GF

This sounds interesting – a screening of the documentary “Derby Baby.” It’s a story of love, addiction, and (ouch!) rink rash.

The Electric City Roller GrrrlZ posted this on their Facebook page:

Ever wonder about the phenomenon of the modern roller derby movement? What is it that has women worldwide strapping on roller skates and devoting countless hours to this rough and tough sport?

Join The Electric City Roller Grrrlz to view this documentary to find out exactly what roller derby is all about and afterwards enjoy:
Red Carpet Photo Booth
Raffle and Silent Auction Items
Brother D’s Grillin (2012 Taste of Great Falls Winners)
Bands: Switch Off Safety, Hell City Kittty and Helligans will be performing after the movie

All this for only $8 at the door!

Check out Great Falls’ very own derby girls in action:

Dad Chimes In: Phoenix!

My post yesterday about celebrating 10 years in Great Falls struck a chord with my dad, who now lives in Texas, but who experienced a similar feeling when he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, back in the 60s; he said in an email:

That is a great remembrance!!! I had that same feeling on my first visit to Phoenix. I flew in from New England (I was still stationed at Otis AFB, Cape Cod, Massachusetts), where it was cold, windy and snowing real hard. And suddenly, I was in Phoenix: Sun shining, orange and grapefruit trees, clean streets, Camelback Mountain, happy and friendly people. It was February, 1966. And we had four seasons (well, almost) there too.

Yep – Phoenix – the Valley Of The Sun, where I was born just a few months after my folks moved there!

And speaking of Phoenix – I bet my dad can’t wait to get this in the mail – it’s a Phoenix Blazers pennant that I finally got my hands on a few days ago!

Phoenix Blazers

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